All Type of Custom Rom,Boot Animation,Logo For MEDIATEK Are Here..

{winDROID roms} winDROID ultimate tresus by aswath bharathwaj

                                                 winDROID ultimate tresus 

 ROM credits:
1.  TO the tresus honami rom developer
2.  PRA@ fb for introducing this rom
3.   aswath bharathwaj

BOOT  logo is provided by partha bera@ fb

This rom works great on xolo a500s non ips built number s014 and i have tested it !

for other devices plz use ur device respective patches and plz dont change the built pro file completely just change the device name and board  name for the porting any one can port this to ur device (plz ask me before that simple)

NOTE---> gangster vegas worked smoothly in high grapics while playing!!

VIPER 4 android is alone added for audio but with all pre eq files !!

1.flash the rom like other roms
2.first flash the rom file
3.then it will reboot automatically
4.then after booting power off ur device wait for vibration if no vibration then remove battery then again put ur battery into ur device then
5.boot into recovery mode and flash the patch (no need to clear the cache , dalvick cache and data etc just flash and then reboot and enjoy!

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